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MADDY Tunic Baby

MADDY Tunic Baby

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Match with Mommy and Sister MADDY Tunic. Soft and cozy.
Kombiniere zurMADDY Tunika woman und Kids. Weich und bequem.

We oversize a bit to make our clothes long-lasting, so they would fit a long time.
Unsere Baby Kleidung hat einen oversize fit, so dass sie lange past. 

All clothes are made of organic cotton! Read our Q & A! Made with love in Germany.
Unsere Kleidung besteht aus 100 % Bio Baumwolle. Lest unser Q & A! Mit Liebe in Deutschland gefertigt.

This is an  "Order on Demand" product, which means it will be especially made for you after ordering. Please allow a manufacture time from 5-10 workdays. We love to make clothes for You! 

Made with love in Germany

Our Baby Sizes start at 68 cm ! 0-5M fits  best with 68 cm and more!
Unsere Babygrößen beginnen bei 68 cm! 0-5M passt ab Größe 68  - 74 sehr gut!

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