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We are sustainable/ Wir sind nachhaltig!

We try to avoid any harm to nature as much as possible, therefore we try to only produce our products after ordering. So we only produce what we actually sell. From our leftovers, we make little Hair juwellery...or little cushions or dolls....we only work with organic fabrics (see  description below). Even wit our pricing we try not to go too high to keep it affordable, for all kinds of budgets, this is actually the most difficult part. We pay  high rated hourly wages to our team, also commercial,fotoproduction, Models do cost a lot. Becoming a designer myself and working in the fashion industry open my eyes widely of how expensive making clothes is! And that the prices on the mainstream market are way to LOW, even NOT possible. But they exist!!! I have learned that making clothes cost a lot of money and it takes a lot of time to make them. So please if this article makes you start thinking....the T-shirt was a bargain for 5 euros, it is NOT something that will make you happy, nor was it produced in good energy....actually by buying at this low cost you support something really really sad...we know by wearing our clothes, that you really can feel the difference, if clothes are made in good Energy or NOT. So please buy so much less!!!!!! And support more local, this is important! We love you for choosing :bEL!


Story to our fabrics:

Our Farbrics

all our fabrics are purchased and produced in Europe. All fabrics are GOTS certified Standard. We also try to avoid dark colors as the dying process for dark colors is much more harmful to Mother nature, even with organic colors, because more color needs to be used. We stick to light, earthy tones. Another reason why you don't find black or dark grey colors in our collections is, that we want to let YOU shine in all your Beauty. We are sustainable, as all our products are made on your request, no overproduction. We produce in a little atelier in my hometown with two beautiful artisan ladies. So no long delivery ways too. We work very close, and we LOVE what we do. And we truly believe you can feel this while wearing our clothes!

Unsere Stoffe

unsere Stoffe werden alle in Europa gekauft und hergestellt. Alle Stoffe sind GOTS zertifiziert!  Wir versuchen außerdem auf sehr dunkle Farben zu verzichten, da der Färbeprozess für dunkle Farben, viel schädlicher für unsere Umwelt ist, auch bei ökologischen Farben, da mehr Farbe gebraucht wird. Wir bleiben bei leichten, erdigen Tönen. Ein weiterer Grund , warum Du bei uns kein schwarz oder sehr dunkle Grautöne findest ist, dass wir wollen das DU strahlst in all deiner Schönheit. Wir sind nachhaltig, da wir alle Produkt erst nach Bestellung produzieren, KEINE Überproduktion. Unsere Produkte werden in einem kleinen Atelier in meinem Wohnort Bad Nauheim, von zwei wundervollen Schneiderinnen gefertigt. Somit haben wir keine langen Lieferwege. Wir arbeiten sehr eng zusammen, und LIEBEN, was wir tun. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass Du das beim Tragen unserer Kleidung spüren kannst.

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