The Journey

The Journey

The Journey with :bEL is my own Journey!
Since i have started 2016 to design and create clothes for m little girls just by trying and sewing, this whole Journey with :bEL came a long way...and i am still on it...not knowing where it will take me?

A lot of times i wanted to give up on this, had several hick ups, and was struggling a lot between being a Full-time Mother of three Girls and building up a little online biz!!!
Well,to me it feels like the universe is forcing me to carry on?! I really do believe in my simple hippie inspired clothes! We, the Kids and I, love and wear them all the time, even in Winter as cozy, soft Pj's.

So cheers to this new new chapter now! 
Now my Designs are all sewn by beautiful women who are very dear to me, they come from the sewing and design industry and help me to keep an eye on good quality and the fits extra comfortable.
I am just happy to share "My Journey" with you, and will open the Doors here, to let you know more about our work and my life behind :bEL.

I am happy you are here. Sending light and Love to you. Namaste...


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